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Imma ride fo my nigga ayeee

relationship mf GOALS

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Relationship goals

I need a ride or die shawty like this.

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me before Tumblr:image

Me after Tumblr:image

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First day of senior year tomorrow wish me luck

Good luck! Go to all the games because they will be your last. Be a part of homecoming wk. Submit pics to the year book. If year book staff asks if you want to take pics, take them! Some of the people in the photo with you will not be llin your life after high school so you’ll want that little piece of memory. TAKE NOTES! If teachers say highlight something DO IT!!! Do your HW!!! Ask questions you’re never to old to ask. Stay focused. GO TO PROM WITH FRIENDS!! TAKE PICTURES!!!! and last but not least good luck and enjoy your last year.

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